The Federation is expanding...Prepare to be colonized!

As the core worlds of the Pan-Galactic Federation grow more crowded, the Grand Council has decreed that more territory must be obtained.
Ambassadors are being sent out into the far reaches of the universe in search of habitable worlds to colonize.
All resident sentient lifeforms are encouraged to join the Federation NOW!

The PGF Scout Rocket

An ongoing work in progress, the PGF Scout Rocket is a collaborative art project between designer, electronic artist, and pilot DEvan Brown & sculptor and metalsmith ScottV. DEvan provided the original concept and base vehicle, ScottV fabricated an all aluminum framework with a hand formed and rivited aluminum skin, and then DEvan completed it by adding lights, sound, and detailing.

Features Include:

40 channel CB radio for long range communications with village and other art vehicles
Public address system for hailing nearby vehicles or pedestrians
Powerful LED headlamps provide illumination with low power consumption
EL "force shielding" around passenger compartment for added illumination and effect
Outboard "engines" have illuminated blue nose cones and red LED/EL exhaust cones
Solar charged auxiliary battery system provides electric power for all accessories independant of quad electrical system
Quiet muffled 225cc motorcycle engine for drive power
Ultra low tractor style gearing for hauling large loads very slowly
Trailer hitch for emergency towing of stranded Art Cars
Spare water bottle, complete first-aid kit, and a towel always onboard just in case!

Original concept design sketch

3D animation of rocket body design
Rocket engine EL animation

The Pan-Galactic Federation flag Yet another proud citizen of the Federation

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